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For how long has your home been on the property market and does not seem to sell? Well, you may need to rethink your strategies so as to make your home sell quickly. Staging your property is a great way to market your home as it allows most of the buyers to be able to get a great first impression. This impression is what makes people make up their mind fast. So, instead of looking for a realtor to list your home on the property market, you should get in touch with us to stage your home. We will touch up the space and be able to bring out your style and personality in the best way.

If you live in Naples, you need to take up our services as this is the only way that you would be able to bring out the true value of your home. We have experienced and professional home staging Naples FL who will work hard to reveal the full potential of your home. Our interior design concepts are carefully thought out and you can be sure that you will get so many offers in a very short while. ​

Our Property Staging Process ​​

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Home staging of Naples FL is a great technique and in our case, we will guide you on every step so as to see to it that you are content. All our efforts are geared to making you happy and as such, we work on your achieving your satisfaction. We are the leading home stagers in this area and our full commitment is to merchandise your home and trigger an emotional connection and responses from the prospective buyers. Here is a summary of what to expect when you need our services:

  • Contact us with details of your property and the packaging that interests.
  • We will take you through the various service options that we have to stage your home
  • Pick a package that is within your budget
  • Get a contract and pay a deposit
  • Staging is scheduled in less than 10 days

The actual staging takes just one day as we have experts for each room in your home. When you contact us, we will assign you a staging specialist as we would want to give you customized services.  ​

Types of Staging Services Offered

Since not all homes are the same, we offer a variety of options of services to ensure that no potential seller is left out. These include:

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Vacant Home Staging

No one will be quick to want to make an offer when they walk into an empty house, which is listed on the market. This is because there is no imagination to connect to. With our vacant home staging Naples services, we will be helping you paint the picture and all those who come in can envision themselves settling in your home.

​We will create a warm and appealing atmosphere. It is very difficult to try and sell a home that is empty and this is why you need to talk to us now so that we can stage your home. House staging works and we will touch up your home and help you stage your home, including luxury staging homes. ​

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Occupied Home Staging

If you want to get the maximum price for your home, then you cannot sit back and expect it to happen. We are the connection to your potential buyers and we act as a catalyst to speed up the process. If you are still occupying in your home and wish to sell it, do not worry, we will not inconvenience you. What we will do, we will send a team of professional consultants who will meet you in your home and come up with the right strategy to stage your home.

We will identify the specific rooms that need to be highlighted so that we can give all buyers a clear view of what your home is all about. There is professional photography included in our services and these are the photos that will be used to invite buyers for an open house. We will dress the home with the intention to impress and we have a large inventory of stylish furnishings that we will use for the occupied home staging. ​

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Redesign Service

There are some homeowners who cannot afford to redecorate their homes fully due to financial constraints. You do not have to worry as we have redesigning services, which will use to update some of the rooms in your home. Let us help you design your interiors and exteriors and you will love it. If you are looking for an affordable and professional way to redesign your home, then you are in the right place. We are professional home stagers Naples and interior designers, and we will combine our best skills and experience to improve your home. We service the entire surrounding area of Main City, including home staging Fort Myers FL.

Our interior design services will provoke the imagination of your buyers and you can be sure that your home will sell for a higher price than those that are not staged. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to commence the work to redesign your home, in readiness to sell it. ​

Naples Staging Companies

With so many Naples staging companies, we have emerged to be the market leader, due to the way we operate. For instance, we will communicate with you all the time and as such, you will always be in the loop on what we are doing. Do not be shocked that when we stage your home, you may not recognize it immediately, in the photos. We are skilled and we will fix your home such that it will attract more buyers. We know that we are able to create curb appeal and this will have a significant impact in the process of selling your home.

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Get The Best House Styling Services

It does not matter the type of home that you have, you will need to package it well so as to sell it. This is why you will need our professional home stagers in Naples,  Fort Myers and Cape Coral services so that we can improve the appearance of your home.

If your goal is to sell your home for the highest price, then we will be happy to help you. Contact us right away and learn more about our services. ​

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