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One of the things that we know how to deal with are homes. As such, our services are unique and will connect you to the right buyers. Most people who want to buy a home, will start their search online and if you have the right photos, then you will be able to attract them to your property. What we will do is that we allow your buyer to connect with the space emotionally.

We have a deep understanding of the real estate market and this is what makes us the right  partner. Home Staging Naples FL and Cape Coral, FL is here to make your home attract many offers and sell in less than 30 days.  We know that every home has unique features, with are often ignored and this is what we want to emphasize on.

We have a team of design experts who will make your home beautiful and the truth of the matter is that you may not need any more marketing for your home. We have the capacity to stage any home, irrespective of the size or a list price.

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Property Staging Experts

After home staging homes sell 90% faster than non-staged homes and in our experience, we have noticed that when we stage homes they even sell for a higher price. If you have a vacant home, you need to be very strategic so as to sell it. Our house luxury staging process will add furnishings and warmth to your space. We have all that you will need to stage an empty house and make it homely. You do not want to have buyers walking into an empty home as this will hinder their decision as they are not able to visualize living there.

​​So what do we do? We will provoke the imagination of your prospects. It is said that over 90% of buyers are not able to visualize how to furnish a vacant home staging. As such, you cannot afford to lose these clients. If you want to love the look of your home, you should call us now and let us stage your home. We will make your buyer connect with each room and space in your home. We will organize your home so that it can bring out the best reflection of your personality and style.

Our Passion in Home Staging Cape Coral FL

​You may be wondering why we do what we do and why we are so passionate about staging homes. The truth is that we have been in the real estate industry and we know how painful the process of selling homes can be. As such, we had to find ways of being able to make homes sell faster and this is how we got into the property styling industry. Whenever we have redesigned homes and decorated them, we found that they sold pretty fast and even got a higher price.

When your home is cluttered, vacant or not well presented, you will be repelling potential customers. You will also agree that when you go out to shop for any product the packaging will either attract or repel you. This is the same case with your home and this is why we may change the entire look of your home. We will re-configure it and remove all the clutter that makes it appear as it is disorganized.

We have an excellent team of staging experts who will help you to redefine every room in your home. Take a minute to go through our portfolio so that you can see the difference between staged and non-staged homes.

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Vacant Home Staging

We have already established that barely 10% of home buyers are able to use their imagination in an empty house. Most people can hardly determine the type of furniture or furnishings that they will need to use when they buy the home.

​As such, this makes them hesitant to make an offer. With our vacant staging packages, we will be able to bring their imagination alive and make them comfortable.  We will stage your empty house and make it beautiful so that you can sell it fast.

"The 1st inspiration of any space starts at the front door" - Robin Sturm (Designer) 

Occupied Home Staging

Who says that you cannot sell your home while living in it? We have the right package for occupied homes and in this case, we will use what you have and bring in other furnishings. We have an experienced team that will work alongside you and highlight some of the best features of your home. We will move around some of the furniture and each room will have an expert working on occupied home staging. We will organize your home in a better way and make it presentable.

The truth of the matter is that when you take any of our home styling packages, you will get more money for your home and it will take a shorter time to sell it. All you need is to work with an accredited home stager and the right message will be sent to your buyers. We will remove all the clutter that may be distracting the buyer from seeing the house for what it is.

Re-design Consultation

Our team of interior designers will personalize your space with modern fixtures. We know that every home is unique and our redesign services will start with consultations. During consultation, we will ask all the right questions and as such, we will be able to create a design that it is a true representation of your style and wishes.

​We will give you a detailed proposal on the redesign services and stick within your budget.

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You can actually sell your home in less than a month. This may sound unrealistic as most people are used to having their homes listed for a very long time, before getting any offers. We have turned the tables around through our professional home stagers and staging services. Contact us now and learn more about our services and how you can sell your home right away.