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The person who said first impressions mean everything, was completely right about not just people but homes as well. The first impression you get of a house makes you decide whether or not you want to make that house your home. It makes you start getting ideas of what you would want to do with the house, how you would live in it and even how best to decorate it to your taste. This is why we make it our business to make your house look picture perfect for all your potential buyers.

We know how best to play and use the design of your home to ensure that it is seen in its best light. We go through a process that enables our team to discover everything there is to your home staging.

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How Property Staging Comes Together

In order to come up with a vision for how we want to stage your home, we need to come and catch the essence of it so to speak. With years of experience, we have learnt that every home, especially those lived in for a while, has a unique essence to it. In order to capture this, we need to be physically present. Our team comprises of people from different professions whose blend of experiences helps us come up with genius ideas.

The process therefore begins with the visit. The entire crew of home stagers Fort Myers, FL with representatives in the different fields comes in. We take a walk through your home while the photography crew takes intimate shots of each piece of your home. The handy crew checks for any repairs or improvements needed while the décor crew looks for strengths that can be highlighted and weaknesses that can be strengthened. We take everything into account, including the outside of the house. This includes the porch, the front yard as well as anything else within the perimeter that could determine the chances of selling the house.

Actual House Staging Process

Once this is done, the crew then sits down to share ideas while going through the shots taken. This will inform each decision we make on how to pull of the home styling perfectly. The ideas will fall under:

  • What personalized items, if any, to be completely removed
  • Colors to be used on the walls
  • The best themes to be used in different rooms
  • Which rooms to stage
  • What repairs need to be done
  • Need for a landscape artist or not
  • Does lighting need to be enhanced or simply highlighted among other things?


Types of Staging Services Offered

Since not all homes are the same, we offer a variety of service packages to ensure that no potential seller is left out. These include:

home stagers naples

Vacant Home Staging

This describes a situation where we are called upon to stage a home that is either newly built or completely vacated. It therefore has no furniture or anything personal to work with. In most cases, such homes are the picture of brick, marbles and cold walls. This is why it is necessary for us to come in.

In such a case, we come in to find out how best to make the empty house look like a home. Our team comes up with the best neutral colors that will bring out the best hues of the rooms, the most suitable furniture, rugs, kitchen equipment and other artifacts. We then work to come up with the perfect vacant home staging and property styling possible.

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Occupied Home Staging

This defines a situation where the seller wants to get offers for the house while they are still living in it. In this case, we get to stage certain sections of the house, using some of what the owner already has, as well as adding a few things to make the design impersonal but also grand. Even here, our process of determining the best luxury staging design remains. We ensure that at the end of the staging, the rooms hold nothing too personal but instead exude an aura of excellence and homeliness that is bound to buy the buyer in from first glance.

This is one of the most sought after service we offer as most people want to make a sale in order to afford moving to the next place.

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Re-design Services

With this option, we simply use all of what the homeowner already has and simply re-design the setup. We do, however, still need to take out any personal effects so that the house ends up looking unlived in so to speak. This is to enable the buyer to imagine themselves in the house. We therefore may still need to make such adjustments as repainting the walls, changing the lighting to illuminate certain spaces better and also take out any portraits and art that is too personal. If you are looking for home staging Cape Coral FL services, we are more than happy and able to assist you!

Much like the occupied home staging, this option also works well with homeowners that want to sell while living in, as well as those who have not figured out storage for their items as they move.

Home Staging Fort Myers Cost Implications

We know that you want to sell your home and simply make a profit. For this reason, we do our best to give you the best possible option for your home without making you bleed. We find a balance between perfection and cost efficiency that is bound to sell your home in the fastest time possible, at the best rate possible and making you maximum profit.

We are available to serve you at any time. All you need to do is visit our site, contact us and let’s get selling your precious home! We are waiting to hear from me so that we can help you!

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