Occupied Home Staging

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Try our Occupied Staging services if you're still living in your house while going through the ​selling process and receiving NO offers.

It can be pretty hard letting go of your home, especially if you have years of work, memories and sentimental value invested in it. You, therefore, want to let it go in the easiest and least stressful way possible. This then also means that you do not want to lose any money in the process.

Home staging Naples, FL, understands your predicament perfectly. We know that you want to see your home settled into by the best possible buyers, at the least expense possible. This is why we offer you the option of occupied home stagingand luxury staging.

Occupied house styling defines staging that makes use of what you already own to style your home with you still living in it. So what does this entail? Well, our team of home stagers comes in and analyses the house from a designer’s point of view. We then proceed to choose the best rooms and angles to stage your house. The next step involves DE cluttering the chosen spaces, creating space for clear redecorating.

We also proceed to remove everything that may seem too personal to a potential buyer. This includes things like paintings, family photos, family heirlooms that are evident, trophies and so on. The other measure that we may need to take is to tone down the colours painted on the walls. We choose neutral colours that do not scream and are not too personalised.

The fact that there is practically nothing that will need to be added to your house besides the possible paint job means that your home staging cost is in the minimum. This enables you to have an easy time while selling your house. ​