Vacant Home Staging

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The first impression to all potential buyers is the most important impression!

There is something about a home that makes it feel so welcoming. It could be the warm rug at the front door, the warm colors of the paint on the wall, the beautiful furniture that looks so fluffy and welcoming, the paintings on the wall or even the rug in the middle of the living room. All these details make you want to walk in, sit and simply ease the day’s stress out of your body. This is what is missing in most vacant home staging and occupied home staging Naples.

At Home Staging Naples, FL, we work to take your vacant cold looking home and transform it into a home that welcomes, comforts and engulfs anyone walking in with the feel of home. We take every inch of the house into consideration to ensure that no stone is left unturned in discovering that which is special about the house.

Our team of Accredited Staging Professionals comes armed with a well trained eye for all that has potential. Be it the high ceilings, the wooden floors, the textured walls or even the beautiful porch and front yard, they take everything into account and find genius ways of illuminating these into perfection.

Since our target is to ensure that any and all buyers can feel at home here, our team of home stagers ensures that no bold colors or designs are used. We keep it simple and classy enough to ensure that the buyers buy not only into the idea of the house but are also tempted into buying the home in entirety.